You can EXPERIENCE BEATCIRCUIT LIVE on March 28th, 2015. They will be doing a special performance to CELEBRATE the Phoenix Movie Bears SEVEN YEAR Anniversary at Nu-Towne Saloon, 5002 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, Arizona 85008. Party starts at 7:00PM ALL NIGHT LONG!

The brothers behind electronic duo BeatCircuit...

..and thus BeatCircuit was born.

Making waves in the EDM scene with their ear-catching tunes of hard-hitting beats, mind-numbing drops and wild collection of sounds. They have tracks released on WiFi PR Group’s Compilation "Indie Anthems Vol. 4," among many other compilation albums. They remixed 'Swan Lake' for the French Olympic Ice Dance Team who performed in Sochi. They completed a successful Promotional Tour in Japan and their meteoric climb has only just begun.

BeatCircuit is...

Having grown up in New York and furthering their music career in Scottsdale, Ariz., brothers Demian Porter and Miles Porter have benefited from exposure to a wide range of musical styles from an early age and through to the present. Their father packed his turntable with the sounds of jazz, rock and fusion, from Miles Davis and Mahavishnu Orchestra to Frank Zappa and The Grateful Dead, all of which fostered their early knowledge and appreciation of what good music and musicians are all about. As early teens, they made music as members of heavy metal bands in New York before discovering industrial music, which developed into a significant inspiration to the progression of their sound.

The duo is often inspired by everything from current events, politics, history and technology to the random sound bites they simply have to create a song around.

Picking up keyboards changed the way the duo thought about the potential of music completely, and soon after they were making successful demos and producing and recording in their home studio, completely self-taught. After their first official contract with Sony Digital Media and the release of their sound library, Toyz: Construction Kit, they soon decided to permanently switch to EDM, and thus BeatCircuit was born.

A Phoenix Movie Bears favorite in the BeatCircuit video collection.

"Welcome to the crazy imagination of BeatCircuit. The Cool As F--k video was inspired by the toys of our youth and stop-motion animation, we're bringing back some of that nostalgia. It took us a couple of months to construct the set to scale, create some of the figures and props and set it all up. Then we shot the photos over a couple of weekends and then did all the editing in Photoshop and Sony Vegas. This video came about because Miles did a stop-motion video of Freddy break- dancing to an Usher track a while back, and a friend of his saw it and thought it would be cool if we did a full music video, using the same technique. So we did, and here's the result.....hope you enjoy!" -BeatCircuit

What is BeatCircuit up to?

Since then, they’ve signed with Japanese independent label Beats4DJs Records and been a part of several successful compilations. Through their efforts, they caught the attention of the French Olympic ice skating team, who commissioned them to produce a remix of Swan Lake to be used in their Free Dance program—an opportunity that gave BeatCircuit exposure to new fans the world over.

Their single "Swan Lake Remixes", featuring the track used in the Olympics, will be released June 11th Exclusively on Soon to be followed by their second round of free remixes on "Don't F*@k My S#!t Up Vol. 2" Their single “Micro Mystikal” was chosen for WiFi PR Group’s Compilation "Indie Anthems Vol. 4", released at SXSW 2014. Their track “The Waves” is also featured on Die Mega Dubstep Compilation from Most Dubstep Records, released in July 2013.


As for their music, they make use of an array of samplers, synthesizers and software to create their acclaimed sound, which is often compared to DJs like Rusko, Zedd, Datsik, David Guetta, Excision, Porter Robinson and Skrillex. They name bands like Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Frontline Assembly as musical inspirations as well as producers like DJ Spooky, Cold Cut, Glitch Mob and Bassnectar. The duo is often inspired by everything from current events, politics, history and technology to the random sound bites they simply have to create a song around.


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You can find their music through an array of online channels, including iTunes, BeatPort, Amazon,,, and You can also hear many of their tracks on their YouTube channel, ReverbNation profile and their album and single pages on